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Beyond the Border

Stories of the Latin World

Alfredo Muro

Lynn Darroch’s narratives about musicians, authors, school teachers and immigrant children are set to music performed live and arranged by guitarist Alfredo Muro — an internationally touring master of multiple Latin styles – and, on their recent CD, accompanied by percussionist Dave Fischer.

These lively stories present well-known artists — such as the salsa star/actor Ruben Blades and Cuban guitarist Eliades Ochoa — as well as ordinary people in carefully arranged performances featuring music of the culture to which the subject belongs, including Afro-Peruvian, Brazilian, Mexican and Afro-Cuban styles.
You’ll also hear biographical and cultural information in addition to dramatic interactions with the subjects.

Rainbow Trio

Now performing live with Beyond the Border —
percussionist Gary Hobbs!
percussionist Carlton Jackson!

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Stories of the Latin World

Those Who Stayed - Eliades Ochoa
Man on the Corner - Late Afternoon in Latin America
Looking for America with Rubén Blades
Alicia in Spain
The Stories of Immigrant Children - Fighting Roosters
Gregorio Martinez - El Brujo of Beaverton - a huaquero in America