Dave Frishberg Podcast – Part 1

In November, 2007, the Hall of Fame pianist, singer and songwriters talked with Lynn Darroch about being a sideman in Portland, what got him into jazz, the craft of song writing, and working with singers.

Randy Porter Interview – Part 1

The Portland-based pianist talked with Lynn Darroch in September, 2008, on KMHD radio about the material on his new CD, Thirsty Soul, his background in classical music, and how rhythm inspires his music.

David Friesen – Uwe Kropinski Interview Part 1

In October, 2007, Lynn Darroch talked with bassist David Friesen and guitarist Uwe Kropinski about their 20-year collaboration, how they improvise together (“taking our eyes off ourselves”), and Kropinski discusses his guitar technique.

Pere Soto & David Valdez interview – Part 1

In February, 2007, Lynn Darroch talked with guitarist and composer Pere Soto, from Barcelona, Spain, and Portland-based saxophonist David Valdez about their new CD, “Oasis,” Soto’s original “gypsy jazz” compositions, and Valdez’s work with the Lawrence Williams Project.