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Rhythm in the Rain – Jazz in the Pacific Northwest

By Lynn Darroch Ooligan Press 2016

It must be something in the water — or maybe it’s just all the water everywhere around here that makes jazz from the Pacific Northwest as distinct as its landscape and culture. Rhythm in the Rain – Jazz in the Pacific Northwest shows how the music of the region reflects the values of the musicians who have chosen to live here, far from centers of influence and power — a cooperative scene where musicianship and independence are prized, young players are nurtured, and nice guys often finish first.

“Rhythm In The Rain is a compelling must-read for anyone interested in the cultural history of the Pacific Northwest. Lynn Darroch brilliantly captures the creative, can-do spirit of Cascadia, chronicles several generations of the region’s leading musicians, and explores the secret of why so many of us—mystics, misfits and vagabonds—choose to live and work here.”
Dmitri Matheny
Jazz flugelhornist, composer, educator, recording artist

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